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Hello there, video enthusiasts and creative minds! I'm Tomas, the composer behind the melodies and beats you'll discover on this platform, and also the creator of this website.

I was tangled with music basically my whole life in one way or another. Around 2010 I first started to think about composing music specifically for the "silver screen". I didn't know how, and it really showed. But simply, I just never stopped trying, and fast forward to today, I find myself in awe of the incredible and almost unbelievable journey this venture has become. During the years, my production skills got a bit better, allowing my compositions to find a home in amazing projects of world-renowned companies, filmmakers, and YouTubers.

Even though I'm really greateful for collaborating with some of the most amazing music libraries, I decided to create my own library, this one. 
This  platform not only allows me to share even the most experimental or hardcore tracks but also brings me closer to you, the filmmaker. 
I also think that it could be advantageous for creatives to get the music license directly from the composer and get the most favorable prices.

My musical repertoire spans a wide range of styles, from classical to rock, hybrid orchestral, electronic, everything is mostly pumped with energy, but sometimes I cool off and make something more calm and mellow. 
Expect to find epic trailer tracks, rock anthems with grand percussions and synths, and hopefuly a unique cinematic sound for your projects.

In addition to collaborating with amazing music libraries like Artlist, Atom Music Audio or Uppbeat (Music Vine), I am thrilled to offer you a personal touch in our audiovisual and storytelling journey. 

If you have anything to share with me, don't hesitate and contact me!

Let's connect, create, and make your artistic vision come to life through the transformative power of music. Thank you so much!

Tomas Herudek ♫

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