You'll get a lifetime, royalty-free, non-exclusive license for every song you download from this music library. You can use the music for any commercial or non-commercial projects and as many times as you wish. No view counting and no limits of use in video and film as long as you follow these few rules: 

Once you download a track or tracks from you agree to follow these terms & conditions of the "music for video" license.


What you CAN do with the music:

You can use the song for any commercial or non-commercial videos, films and games. The license is also royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide and non-exclusive (other customers may use the music as well). That means once you purchase the music you can use the work anywhere you want and how many times you wish for a lifetime.

You can use my music for audio podcasts, audiobooks or radio commercials.

You can monetize your videos with my music on every platform (youtube, vimeo etc.).

You can edit the song - the length and the sound to fit your AV work. You can also edit the order of individual parts of the song.

You have the right to perform the music and SFX in public, but it does not cover payment of royalties to PRO (Performance Rights Organizations). That means if you or your customer uses the music in broadcast, the broadcaster (TV channel, streaming service, etc.) must cover these royalties. The PRO that covers all the songs from is OSA, based in Czech republic. IPI number: 01093612660.


You can credit me, but it's not mandatory. I would very much appreciate it though. The proper way to do it is to copy this short text and add it in the description of your video:


Music by Tomas Herudek

Song: -- name of the song --



What you CANNOT do with the music:


Even though you can use the song as many time you wish, that applies only to you or your company. The license is non-transferable - you cannot transfer the license to other parties. Of course, you can create an AV work for a client, and you can transfer that end product to your client. This license is then transferred to your client (but only in the form of a whole audiovisual work and the client cannot use the music alone in any future project).


You also cannot re-distribute the songs or claim ownership of the songs. With the "" license you only own the right to use the song in your AV work. You cannot register my music in any store/platform.

Unless you contact me and we come to an agreement, you cannot make a song or remix with my music.

Check also the FAQ.